Honestly why would anyone take a TTAC review for a GM product seriously? It's pretty well known they've got a hate-boner for GM the size of their beloved Panther cars. Not saying the Malibu is the best mid-sizer (far from it) but they're so clearly biased. » 7/29/14 8:53pm Tuesday 8:53pm

I feel like a comma or two might be missing in there. "We're driving in the car and, of course, I text and drive" gives it a more sarcastic tone like "well that was stupid of me." Not condoning the behavior regardless, and I think it's funny her own son busted her for it. Kudos to him! » 7/28/14 3:06pm Monday 3:06pm

It's recalled 3 months later when people are using it to masturbate too hard, causing the glove to stop mid-pull leading to genital laceration/fiery death. Soon after every robot from GM is recalled, including the Transformers (even the ones that died.) » 7/26/14 3:11pm Saturday 3:11pm

I love the Toronado, and I like muscle cars, but you're nuts thinking the Toronado is a muscle car. If anything it's more like an American take on a touring car with more emphasis on the comfort than outright performance (besides the huge horsepower of course!) » 7/25/14 9:09pm Friday 9:09pm